Have fun keeping track of all the places you’ve traveled to with this scratch off world map. Any place you’ve traveled to you get the satisfying pleasure of scratching off and revealing some colored geography. This scratch off map makes a cool gift for people who love to see the world.

  Don’t venture into another cesspool of filth – otherwise known as public bathrooms – without the public toilet survival kit. This handy kit includes everything you need to make it through the unpleasant ordeal without catching any weird and unwanted diseases.

  Help maintain a more youthful appearance without going under the knife by using this facial fitness device. Although it may look a bit silly, it’s designed to tone and firm weak facial muscles with just two short 30 second sessions per day.  

hand shocker lie detecter

  Stop smelling your man’s dick at five in the morn – go the professional route by interrogating him with help from the hand shocking lie detector. Only the truth will set your baby daddy free and keep him from getting shocked should he decide to answer dishonestl

Never drink alone again! Thanks to this catnip cat wine you’ll be able to share a drink or three with your lovable feline companion. Each bottle contains a special catnip based alcohol-free wine that’s so good your cat will be hooked after the first sip.

you are my favorite bitch mug

  Let your ride or die know she’ll always be number one in your heart with this “my favorite bitch” bff mug. These hilarious ceramic mugs are available in either an 11 ounce or 15 ounce size and can be personalized with the name of your choosing.


  You’ll be sleeping with the fishes when you slip into this shark sleeping bag! This sleeping bag also works well as a body pillow or as the most threatening weapon you can wield in a pillow fight – and makes a cool gift to compliment a shark week marathon sleepover party. Package size 24 […]


Dogs are curious animals by nature. The dog peek window allows man’s best friend to more effectively keep watch over his territory from that cowardly neighborhood cat, the conniving squirrel, or those unexplainable plastic bags that always fly by. Helps alleviate a dog’s curiosity within confined fences Durable acrylic dome measuring 9.5 Inch in diameter […]